A 65-foot whale finaly can go back into the water after 20 hours of nonstop struggle to keep it alive.

To keep the whale alive, rescuers constructed a trench pool filled with seawater


It wasn’t going to be simply keeping the whale alive, despite their commitment to its survival and rescue. Because it weighed an estimated 10 tons, the volunteers were unable to simply drag it out to sea or even tow it away with a boat.

Finally, volunteers dug a tunnel around the whale’s body that could fill with sea water while they devised a solution and laboriously poured water into it to keep it hydrated.

Whales who are washed ashore run the risk of dehydration or dying to their own weight


Then, the team tied the whale with guide ropes and towed it to shallow waters. When the tide eventually rose high enough at about 10 pm, the rescuers were able to utilize five boats to drag the whale deep enough into the water after 20 hours of nonstop struggle to keep it alive.

At about 5:30 am on Wednesday, the rescue team cut the hauling cable and set the whale free in deep waters.

The whale is measured at about 10 tons


Eventually, the whale was dragged back into deeper seas


After the dramatic rescue operation, the whale could be seen swimming out into the distance as the sun rose with the aid of the boats and the tide. Let the whale know how much you appreciate its existence by leaving a comment in the box below.

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