A cute infant monkey forms a close bond with young lion and tiger cubs who are known for their ferocity.

A baby monkey, a lion cub and three little tigers have become unlikely playmates at a zoo in China.

The lion and the monkey have been inseparable since keepers at Guaipo Manchurian Tiger Park in Shenyang began to bottle feed them together last month.

They have now been joined by the less-than-fearsome tiger triplets who were presented to the public for the first time today.

Fur-m friends: A baby monkey, a lion cub and three one-month-old tiger triplets have become unlikely playmates at the Guaipo Manchurian Tiger Park in Shenyang, China

The monkey and the lion became a public attraction last month after forming a friendship at the Tiger Park in Liaoning Province, north-east China.

Neither of their mothers could produce enough milk to feed them and they now spend their free time rolling around together in their keep.

The baby monkey is often seen in his favourite ѕрot – on the lion’s back with his tiny hands пeѕtɩed in his best friend’s fur.

Now that they are joined by the tiger triplets, only time will tell what will become of this motley crew.

Nice try! Attempting what may be the least fearsome growl’s in tiger history, the month-old triplets meet the public for the first time at the park in Shenyang

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