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Big Meow: World’s Biggest Cat Mistaken for a Dog Due to its Immense Size

There are cats, and then there is this Maine Coon kitten! A cat so big that it is often mistaken for a dog,  and despite his size, the feline hasn’t even fully grown yet. Yulia Minina, who lives in Oskol in Russia, owns a cat named Kefirthat has been dubbed the ‘world’s biggest cat’ and it’s not hard to see why.


She had bought the Maine Coon kitten two years ago. And now she says that most people think that her giant white cat is actually a dog. The cat is just under two years old, and perhaps has years more before he stops growing, New York Post reported.  While the actual length of Kefir is not known – but it’s clear from images that it is longer than your average house cat. “I could not even think that an ordinary baby can become so big. He not only grew up big in appearance, he is also very smart and always behaves calmly,” Yulia was quoted as saying by The Mirror.



“The look is generally like that of a person, and Kefir has a foгmіdаЬɩe appearance, but he is a very affectionate and modest child. When friends and acquaintances come to the house – all the attention is on him and he willingly allows himself to be stroked,” she added. However, as his size appears daunting, Yulia says when strangers who have never seen Kefir before come to the house, they’re  left Ьаffɩed by the regal creature greeting them at the door. ”But when strangers come to the house, everyone first confuses him with a dog,” Yulia said. “He has one more habit: at night he likes to climb on me and sleep. When he was a kitten, it didn’t саᴜѕe me any inconvenience. But now he has become big and heavy, and, of course, it is dіffісᴜɩt to sleep like that.” Such enormous size for a cat, Yulia says, comes with having to deny that she edits the photos of Kefir. “I don’t use Photoshop,” she asserts. Maine Coon cats can grow to be some of the largest domeѕtіс cats in the world, and are generally considered to be the largest domeѕtіс cat breed. And as its name suggests, the breed hails from the state of Maine from regarded as one of the oldest homegrown breeds in North America.

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