Cute Story Of Rescued Mini Horse Finds Loving “Bodyguard” in Loyal Goose

Loyal goose acts as a ‘bodyguard’ for his rescued mini horse best friend

Hemingway won’t let Waffles out of his sight.

Loyal goose acts as a ‘bodyguard’ for his rescued mini horse best friend

It’s always adorable to see interspecies friendships. There’s just something so sweet and wholesome about it.

And Hemingway and Waffles are no exception. This goose and mini horse love each other so much.

Hemingway and Waffles were rescued from an outdoor paddock that was unsanitary for the pair in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Bucks County SPCA immediately saw the protective bond between the two.

Bucks County SPCA explains, “They truly are best friends. They don’t know that one’s a mini-horse and the other’s a goose. They have no idea. They’re besties.”

Waffles had a minor infection when he was rescued and Hemingway was very overprotective about Waffles’ care.

Hemingway would stay close and loud anytime an SPCA employee would get close to give Waffles medicine or injections. Hemingway would get in between Waffles and the workers to let them know Waffles has a best friend looking out for him.

It becomes instantly clear that Waffles and Hemingway were a package deal.

When Waffles and Hemingway were both given the okay to be adopted, Bucks County SPCA made sure to let all applicants know that the two best friends must be adopted together

Hemingway and Waffles found the best forever home at the farm of Maddie and Nick in Pennsylvania. Maddie and Nick has created a farm initially for her horse Peabody but it has grown with the adoption of other farm animals.

Maddie’s horse, Peabody, has a feisty personality and she knew that Hemingway and Waffles would fit right in.

Maddie and Nick wanted to make the move as comfortable and easy as possible for Hemingway and Waffles.

“We loaded Hemingway onto the trailer first and we wanted to make it more comfortable for Waffles to get on … He was nervous, because Waffles didn’t get right on … As soon as we walked him out, and he saw his buddy was already in the trailer, he literally jumps on and then Hemingway, like, immediately relaxed,” Maddie and Nick explain.


Waffles was in for a big surprise at his new home, he was about to meet another horse for the first time.

Waffles had only been around birds, including Hemingway, at his previous house, and never had met another horse. At his new home, he was about to meet his new older, and bigger, brother Peabody. Maddie and Nick put Waffles and Hemingway in their stall together before bringing Peabody over to meet his new barn mates.

That is when another surprising event took place.

Peabody was initially scared of his smaller new family members.

It was clear from the very first day at their new home that these best friends were going to love it. Maddie let Waffles out on his own, into a dry lot, and Waffles started to happily trot around the open space.

He not only trotted around, but he also rolled around in the sand all on his own too.

Hemingway was not going to be left out of all the fun and was brought out to explore his new home too.

Hemingway was introduced to his new pool, which was bigger than any pool he has had before. Maddie had to help him into the pool, but once he was inside, it was splash central.

Hemingway started to bathe and happily splash around in his big pool.

After a hard beginning, the two best friends have found their safe and forever farm.

Maddie states that, “When we adopted Waffles and Hemingway our hope was that they would settle in well and they would become part of the family and get along with everyone and that hope has become realized. Now, Hemingway has Peabody to take care of, instead of just Waffles, and Waffles is on his way to becoming a therapy horse. They’ve been a joy to us, and we hope they can be a joy to other people.”

We’re so glad this trio all found each other. What a sweet friendship.

Check out Waffles and Hemingway’s full journey in the video below!

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