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Local Villagers Rescue Baby Elephant After Falling into Ditch

When you’re not typically surrounded by untamed animals, you don’t give much thought to the daily dangers they likely face. This can include predators seeking their next meal and humans seeking to profit from their valuable body parts; however, what about road hazards? That is precisely what transpired in this story. This adorable elephant was strolling with his herd in Assam, India, when he slipped and plummeted down an embankment beneath a railroad track. Fortunately, the train came to a stop, and dozens of passengers jumped out to assist in pulling him to safety

The little elephant was attempting to keep up with its herd when it fell on the deteriorating rail track.

Thankfully, dozens of passengers stopped to assist him when he became engulfed in sludge. He continued to write, but they were eager to assist.


In Assam, India, a forest official arrived to assist him out of the ravine.

Passersby also offered the infant food to keep him going.


This fellow offers a stick to grasp and descends to attempt a different approach.

People perched on the edge of the ravine to ensure the safety of the child.

Despite the animal’s fearful reaction to its predicament, the situation was thankfully resolved. The newborn elephant was saved and reunited with its herd.

Even though this baby elephant appeared frightened, I’m confident he was thrilled to rejoin his herd. It’s great that the train’s residents and passengers were able to assist this baby elephant. It’s so wonderful to see people assisting their fellow creatures without expecting anything in return.

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