Parents Say Final Goodbye To Child After Losing All Hope And Witness How The Boy Clings To Life

Hannah Rose and her husband Daniel Bownes were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby, but when Hannah reached 23 weeks of pregnancy, everything started to indicate that the baby would arrive much earlier than expected.

There were still three months left until the date the doctors had calculated for the birth, but Hannah began to suffer from terrible back pain and was immediately taken to the hospital.

Hannah became pregnant when she was 25 years old.

Four very difficult days passed during labor, and since then the doctors began to have the worst predictions about the baby’s health. They named him George. He was the size of a syringe and weighed 680 grams. Before his parents could hold him, the doctors took him to an intensive care unit

He needed immediate surgery, and we couldn’t touch him because he was born with translucent skin.

Only a few hours after his birth, the little baby had to undergo 6 delicate surgeries. He was born with Necrotizing Enterocolitis, a condition that destroys a part of the intestine. After being operated on to cure his intestine, he began to suffer from an inflamed liver.

During the surgeries, George lost 40% of his blood

The doctors approached the distressed parents on five occasions to assure them that there was nothing more they could do for their baby’s health, but they knew that their little one still had many more strengths to keep fighting. Later on, George suffered from acute meningitis and sepsis. His chances of survival were just one in a million.

“They told us he only had hours to live

When the doctors finally convinced Hannah and Daniel that it was time to say goodbye to their little one, a hospital chaplain approached to give their blessings to the baby. The devastated parents decided to spend their last few minutes reading and talking to him, but everything unexpectedly changed. His vital signs began to improve.

“They had convinced me that he was going to pass away. It’s a miracle that he’s here with us”.

Now little George is at home and weighs almost 3 kilos. He still needs the help of an oxygen tank to survive, but his parents have understood that he is a fighter who is clinging to life with all his strength. The premature baby still has a long way to go.

“George has shown many specialists who were wrong, and I think he will keep fighting

George is currently waiting for his seventh heart surgery and needs to have physiotherapy sessions every 15 days. His parents have opened a GoFundMe page to help cover the medical expenses of their fighter baby who is willing to do anything to grow up with his family.

More than $5,000 has already been raised to aid in George’s recovery.

We hope that this beautiful family can reach the funds they need to give George everything he needs to keep going.

This baby is a miracle that has given hope back to his family and those who suffer from similar situations. Please share.

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