Puppy Weighing 1.5 Pounds Survives Frigid Night After Accident and Abandonment on Roadway

Miraculous Survival of Tiny Puppy Found Near Death on Road

It was a late night when Miriam discovered a tiny puppy lying on the road, near death after being run over by a vehicle. Despite her severe injuries and only weighing 1.5lbs, the puppy miraculously survived the night. The rescue team named her Jeremia and began providing her with intensive care and treatment to help her recover.

Jeremia’s injuries were severe, and she had extensive road rash on her front body and limbs. Additionally, there was something wrong with her back legs, which required further investigation once she was more stable. The team used antimicrobial silver spray to help heal her wounds, but resources in the area were limited, and the team had to ensure she was stable before transporting her to a better-equipped hospital.

Despite the odds, Jeremia’s will to survive was strong, and she quickly made progress. After just nine days, she was eating well and becoming more active. She spent most of her time with her new furry friends, and her bond with Delgado and the gang grew stronger every day.

Jeremia’s road to recovery was not easy, but her determination to survive and the dedication of her caretakers proved to be her saving grace. After 20 days of intensive care, Jeremia was almost ready to travel north and complete her full vaccines. Her feisty and lovable personality shone through, and her caretakers were grateful to have been a part of her incredible journey.

This story serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength of animals and the importance of providing them with love, care, and attention when they need it the most. Jeremia’s journey is a true testament to the power of perseverance and the unbreakable spirit of animals. We can all learn from Jeremia’s bravery and determination to overcome adversity, and her story is sure to inspire countless others to help animals in need.

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