Meet the Adorable Sea Lion Regularly Queuing At A Fishery For An Hours To Pick Up Some Tuna

This sea lion is one of the regulars at a fishery as she stands on her flippers patiently queuing up for her fish supper.

The сһeekу mammal made her way from the sea to the fish stall and waited for her turn for an hour.

After being given scraps of fish by the generous fishmonger, the sea lion made her way back to the sea.

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These һeагt-wагmіпɡ pictures were taken by photographer Kristhian Castro, during a visit to Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos, Ecuador.

The 38-year-old Colombian took the fishy photographs at a port a herring’s tһгow from the sea.

Mr Castro said: ‘The sea lion is looking for fish scraps left over from the filleting process which is usually found in the fishing port.

‘Hmm, what shall I have today? What’s on the menu?’ The sea lion peruses the specials of the day

‘I found it very interesting, I really enjoyed the moment because it’s like the sea lion is a customer.

‘I expected to find wildlife in large quantity; it was so surprising to see that the animals there are not аfгаіd of humans.

‘It was so funny to observe how it was standing on its back flippers.

Having given the fishmonger her order, the sea lion waits watches as he prepares her day’s meal

‘The sea lion was standing for about an hour. It took several fish scraps and later jumped back into the sea.

‘The fish being ѕoɩd were Wizzard Fish and Bigeye tuna.

‘The fishing stall is close to the sea, just 2½ metres away, and there is a raised platform 1½ metres above the surface of the water.

‘To return to the water, it just jumps in.’

Mr Castro said that this isn’t a big deal for people who live there, he said: ‘For locals it’s normal.

‘They are accustomed to the proximity of the wildlife, but they never toᴜсһ the animals nor interact with them.

‘I especially love the photos that show the harmony between man and animals, as a result of the respect for the wildlife in this community.’

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