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Runner saves baby deer stuck in iron railings not once, but twice during morning jog

A woman had to rescue a baby deer twice from iron railings while she was on her morning run.

Chloe Dorsey was jogging through Stone Mountain Park, Georgia, when she saw the deer struggling between two rails of iron fence.

In the video, Chloe can be overheard saying ‘stop, wait’ before carefully approaching the deer from behind.

Chloe Dorsey wrenches at the iron railings in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia, to try and set the panicked deer free. She puts all her strength into pulling at the iron rail and the deer hurtles off into the park

Incredible footage shows Chloe use all her strength to wrench the iron rails apart before the deer is seen hurtling away.

Chloe then climbs over the railings to get back into the park and is overheard saying, ‘so is nobody going to help me?’

Just 44 seconds later, Chloe sees the clumsy deer stuck again in another set of railings.

In a clip to the camera Chloe says, ‘this girl, I swear, this girl here. What is wrong with this girl?’

Chloe walks over to the other set of railings and exclaims, ‘you need to learn how to jump, boo!’ She rests her camera on the grass (right) and approaches the animal from behind to set it free for a second time

‘You need to learn how to jump, boo! What is going to happen when I’m not here?’

As she pans to other deer in the park she says, ‘y’all standing around looking and not showing her how to jump!’

Chloe then pulls at the iron railing and exclaims, ‘this one is harder’ as she desperately tries to set the deer free.

In a moment of panic, Chloe says, ‘somebody help’ and repeatedly shouts ‘no’ as the railing shows no sign of giving way.

Chloe tugs (left) at the iron rails but it is not enough for the deer to wriggle out. She takes a leap over the fence (right) and the force of her jump successfully sets the deer on its way

With no other options, Chloe high jumps over the railing with enough force to set the deer free for the second time.

The Good Samaritan posted the clip on Instagram to her 8,000 followers with the caption: ‘On my morning run, a deer needed my help, and within seconds, she was stuck again!

‘The second time was more frightening than the first. We were both scared for each other…! I’m so happy I was at the right place at the right time!’

Her good deed has been viewed more than 30,000 times and she has nicknamed herself ‘save a Doe, Chlo’.

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